The Clinic

Society of Friends is both the name and the concept of clinic.

More than the different healing methods offered, the aspect of kindness and friendship is emphasized.

Confidence and joy, security and confidence are the basis, which allow  to develop the deep effectiveness of the various methods of treatment,  Ayurveda and Akupnktur, yoga therapy and massage, heat treatments and breathing.

Society of Friends offers  a wide range of modalities & decades of studies and experience, and invites us together tto find he way to go - towards our self and the feeling of being connected with  the world

Under the guiding hands of Manuela  Heider de  Jahnsen  a solid team of therapists work amicably together on health and life's pleasures.

Responsibility, trust and closeness are important aspects that we implement in our practice and without, true health is not possible.


Yoga Therapy Ayurvedic & Chinese Medicine