A desire for children is common for many couples, and often a bit of support needs to be found.

There are various Chinese medicine and Ayurveda methods which can advance the desire for a fulfilling and happy pregnancy & parenthood.

Individual personalized treatments are carefully coordinated. Our success rate speaks for itself!

We serve couples in different situations, depending on the individual and needs.

We offer:

  • pure-naturopathic pregnancy preparation with  acupuncture & nutritional counseling
  • naturopathic treatment of PCO syndrome, absence of menstruation, changes in hormone levels
  • Consulting for a fulfilling love life
  • Attendant naturopathic method for ICSI, IVF
  • Care during all procedures, including those in fertility centers, through acupuncture, Ayurveda and Yoga
  • Cooperation with gynecological endocrinologist

The current treatments always include a careful diagnosis according to the criteria of chinese medicine, Ayurveda and yoga therapy.

For the first appointment please bring all of your laboratory results.

First Appointment cost: 120 eu

any further treatment usually costs 60-80 euros


Yoga Therapy Ayurvedic & Chinese Medicine