Radical Breathing Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions

Complementary natural or Ayurveda treatments,  acuouncture, Yoga therapy or other  treatments with Manuela Heider de Jahnsen, MSc/ society of friends/ ayu-me, RadicalBreathing

Making an appointment represents the conclusion of a treatment contract. A basic fee of 50 euros must be transferred before the start of the treatment to secure the booking. (Pay Pal : m.masala@web.de)

.A substitute can be provided under the same conditions. A negative test must be presented upon request. Patients with symptoms of Covid -19 or other infectious diseases, notifiable or contagious diseases and acute illnesses cannot be treated, and there will be no reimbursement in this case.

Depending on the contract and circumstances, private health insurers and naturopathic additional tariffs reimburse individual services offered by us pro rata and/or contractually. There is no right to reimbursement, it is up to the insured person. Our services are occasionally billed as an analogue number in the invoices created. An analog number reflects the value of the service provided, but not always the name of the service. There is no general right to reimbursement, as this is part of the contract with the insurance company and is therefore a matter for the insured person.

The fees are to be paid in full immediately on site or by bank transfer in advance. In general, the fee is 80-120 Eu (50 Eu have already been paid upon reservation). There is no right of deduction. Invoicing can take a few days. A fee may be charged for a comprehensive invoice, depending on the effort involved, as may certificates. Attestations, sick leave, etc. are to be estimated at EUR 15/page.

The treating persons are generally subject to medical confidentiality.

If cooperation with other therapists, doctors, etc. is desired and necessary, the patient must release all those involved from their duty of confidentiality in writing

Patients/yoga students are entitled to compensation for willful and culpable treatment errors. For your part, there is an obligation to provide information: The patient/yoga student is obliged to name any health and treatment-related physical and/or psychological problems that can lead to damage or accidents, injuries or infections to himself or that of the person treating you or third parties.

We expressly do not accept liability for valuables.

The treatment contract can only come into effect if the general terms and conditions are fully accepted. An informal acknowledgment by SMS/email is sufficient for this. (1. Write YES is enough).


2. Privacy

Consent to the management of personal data is hereby granted. This allows patient names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses to be kept for a period of 10 years as part of the documentation requirements of the health department. Permission is not granted for the unsolicited sending of information unless this is expressly requested.

2.a. Yes, I agree to the management of my data

2 B. Yes, I would like more information about events



3. Terms and Conditions for Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Breathing Instruction

Participants are liable for damage caused intentionally to objects without a treatment order/exercise order.

The conclusion of the contract already exists when the appointment is made. Payment must be made in full before the course begins.

Lecturers are liable for damage to students if this was caused intentionally or willfully. All lecturers and assistants must be insured for professional liability and personal liability.

Participants: It is their responsibility to inform lecturers in good time and comprehensively about any health impairments. However, liability is excluded.

There is a general right of withdrawal for agreed yoga classes, but no reimbursement of the costs


 The full amount must be paid in advance when booking or consenting to the cure.

Cancellations are possible, but the amount will not be refunded after the cancellation

consent to treatment.

Interrupting the measure is entirely at your own risk.

We look forward to welcoming you!


By registering you have made a binding decision to participate in the treatment/course offered and we will do our utmost to enrich you with our offer and give you a good time in the field of Yoga, massage and Ayurveda!

A  reservation for our courses is only possible with payment of 80% of the course price, a reimbursement of the registration fee is excluded.

The full price must be paid no later than the start of the course.

If this is not done, the place is only considered reserved and can be given to other participants 2 weeks in advance if no payment is received.

A deposit is therefore a reservation but not a contract to attend the course and is non-refundable. In cases of hardship, arbitration can take place.

A basic fee for processing remains with us, the organizers.


Ayurveda, Yoga therapy courses, massage and meditation, in short:  any course offered by us or through us, is subject to different physical or knowledge requirements.

It is therefore advisable to contact the lecturers/spa instructors in advance and seek advice.


Information: info@societyoffriends.de


Right of Withdrawal/Refund

There is a general right of withdrawal, but no reimbursement of costs.

Society of Friends or Ayu-me Teams will reimburse the costs in the following cases:

- the course is overbooked

- the registration and withdrawal period has been observed.

The following rules apply to AYU-ME, RadicalBreathing or Society of Friends courses:

- Full refund within 24 hours of booking, including the reservation fee

- 30% refund of the course price if you cancel the course 3 weeks before the start of the course, the reservation fee remains. ( the reservation fee is 80% of the course fee or according to the actual regulation)

- 10% refund if the course is canceled by you 1 week before the start of the course, the reservation fee remains.

- Courses that have to be postponed due to illness or extraordinary conditions on the part of the lecturers will not be reimbursed. An alternative date will be offered.

However, after consultation with the course management, a substitute person can be provided. This substitute must meet the requirements of the course.

The full amount according to the advertisement applies to the replacement person.


By signing the course management, participants undertake to inform the course management of any health-related diagnoses or difficulties. These communications will be treated in the strictest confidence.


Data privacy

The new data protection regulation applies.

We do not store the data for commercial use, nor do you receive a newsletter. The data will only be used by us to communicate with you. This applies to SMS, email etc. What's app, Facebook or facebook messenger cannot be used as a message medium. Due to the regulations of my profession as an alternative practitioner, data, including anamnesis and findings, are kept for 10 years.

Please confirm that you are aware of this regulation by signing or sending an SMS.

(answer with "YES")



Liability regime


The participants  are liable for damage to persons and objects if this was caused intentionally or not intentionally.

There is an obligation of confidentiality and a limited possibility to publish course content if course participants are identified.

All parties involved must be informed in advance and their consent must be obtained. If you don't want to find your photo somewhere by surprise, you're well protected with this.

Any physical and mental limitations, medication or drug use must be reported to the course management.

All instructions from the health department to prevent the spread of Covid 19 apply, i.e. tests before and during the cure/occupancy are mandatory, a maximum number of participants must not be exceeded. Items of personal property cannot be stored. Masks are mandatory without exception.


Please be considerate and ask the other participants if they would like to be photographed or filmed. Audio recordings and videos of the lessons are permitted if they are used for private purposes, are not published and the lecturer has given her consent.






Declaration of consent to use the data

Acceptance of the GTC 


Date, place, signature………………………………


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