Our team consists of Manuela de Heider Jahnsen as a senior therapist and qualified therapists from different disciplines as well as hard-working interns.

Between the team speaks English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Japanese, Latvian & Austrian.


Masami Kurihara (Japanese, English, Deutsch )
Yoga Therapy

Kate Marsteller ( Deutsch, English )
General Assistant & Ayurvedic Massage

Julia Wunderlich ( Deutsch, English )
Ayurvedic Nutrition

Magda Torres ( Spanish, English, Deutsch )
Yoga Therapy & Pranayama Assistant


Tidjan Kris (French, English, Deutsch )

Romi Deift (Russian, Latvian, Spanish, English )


Beate Friede 

Naturopath Chinese Medicine for Women, Marma Yoga teacher, acupuncture, dietetics, cupping, Aku-Taping

Opening hours

Tuesdays practice 08 :: 00-18: 00Hour

Appointment by phone: 030 / 301.39.189



associated therapists and yoga teachers:

Anja Beyer

 Trained as a teacher and YogavedaTM in various massage techniques, especially from the Ayurveda, I offer Ayurvedic body massage with warm oil, which help to restore the holistic energy flow of the individual. Also specially modified for pregnant women.
Here I combine my knowledge and experience in the body and energy work (Acu Energetics training since 2009) with an intuitive approach.
In the Society of Friends, I also also offer personal yoga training other according to individual needs and wishes, eg. B.
• to set up its own yoga practice
• to its type, orientation of Yoga
• to regenerate after illness and / after injury
• an introduction to / well of meditation practices

Appointment: Monday-Friday 10-20h: 0157 7189 7473, anytime



Yoga Therapy Ayurvedic & Chinese Medicine