Breathing on ice
Module 2.1

Mar 10 - Mar 14 2023

A workshop series to discover breath, cold and healing. 
Dedicated to Yoga practitioners, free divers, and people with curiosity

Location: Gozo, Malta

Dates: 10.03.-14.03.23

Price : 680 Eu (excluding accomadations & Transport)
reduction of 80 Eu if modules 1.1 & 2.1 are booked together

maximal participants: 12

In this workshop we are offering again  the fruitful combination of Amrit  and Prana , spiced up with  Tapas -  a journey into Tejas: fire.
Cultivating the inner fire and maintaining it by immersing into an ice bath is a radical experience in RadicalBreathing.
Different to other ice bath instructors we focus on deep relaxation before entering the ice (2-4 degrees) ( no over breathing or hyperventilation with us) . When the body , the container of the irrational , is a deep ease- the ice bath can unfold all its healing, repairing and caring qualities. Instead of experiencing a shock, serenity is flooding into the consciousness, followed by sheer drunken joy.

Breathing on Ice - Module 2.1 (4 Days)

Day 1:
get together.

Day 2:
Breathing experiences, various Yogic breathing techniques and experiencing the changes of emotions and the inner safe space. RadicalBreathing special deep relaxation breath. 

First dip

Afternoon: dance into the ice. ( Osho's kundalini) Trance and breathing

Second dip

Day 3: 
the Vayus- the gates of prana -and deep relaxation. 

Asanas and Nada: the Yoga of sound,

Third Dip

Relaxation partner breathing massage ( Shiatzu) on the chest, abdomen and upper back.

Day 4:
deep conscious breathing with sound bowls,

Fourth Dip.

Get together, exchange experiences and enjoy

The idea of RadicalBreathing was born on the remote island of Gozo. RadicalBreathing uses the term Radical to express that it embraces the root (radix).

The  term root in Indian Yogic tradition comes with different meanings. However, it is always the deepest core, the condensed form, the source, the strength.. If the root suffers, the creature , the creation suffers.

The Muladhara Chakra is the root chakra. A chakra is not a fixed anatomical  point in a living being but a spinning wheel that expands and contracts in us if used correctly. It uses its outer  hinge parts like the perineum, the cervix, the pubic bone, the sacrum, the prostrate area in a junction that induces the movement on the inner axis ( Sanskrit:  danda).

The root lock, or moola bandha, is a seal the allows prana to spread through the emerging nadis ( pathways of prana).

Again, the movement is essential, as the only vital force of prana can infuse life.

Allowing the breath to enter hidden locked up spaces of our consciousness is: RadicalBreathing.

We are avoiding here the term BREATHWORK, as it does not reflect the movement from the rational mind into the irrational body.

The term WORK is tinted with day to day activities. Tapas, discipline, is a much better way to describe the discipline and determination as well as modulation with curiosity to enter the RadicalBreathing, through experiences. Tapas allows us to generate the inner fire of change. Transformation is a change and a challenge as we leave our comfort zone. Following the root deep down changes patterns, focus, stability and growth.

The idea for a series of workshops with the concept of RadicalBreathing originated from  workshops with Christopher Ferrugia, Basel Khamam, Karen Azzopadi, Beate Friede , Bnaya Halperin- Khaddari and other important people in my life, both as students and friends.

Christopher is now contributing to the workshop with his rich pranic food preparations. Maltese people know him already well as the popular chef of the Ambrosia, the   "Food for Gods"- the beautiful restaurant Ambrosia in the heart of Valletta( Malta). 

Basel Khamam is a young free diver and literally dives into the discovery of the power of breath and the cold since he moved to Berlin where he works as an architect.

Karen Azzopardi has dedicated her life to the profound studies of Yoga which she shares in her loving  and giving style.

Beate Friede is yoga student-teacher since we met and is enhancing the knowledge of Yoga with her detailed studies of the Marma. 

Bnaya Halperin-Khaddari is a working on his PhD in contemporary and experimental music. As an expert in sound he contributes to the workshops with his sound based experiences and his self- experiences on the prana flow through breathing.

Manuela Heider de Jahnsen is a Ayurveda and Yoga therapist, speaker and author, freediver, acupuncturist and specialises in breathing for healing, ice swimming and trauma therapy.

We will look into your ability to relax, to open the space for breathing inside your body through gentle touch, deep tissue massage application and adequate stretch teaching. On all our workshops Manuela does the medical supervision, however, please let us know in advance if there are any underlying health conditions, medications or others that could need medical assistance.

We decided to open this space of breathing to students of Yoga and free divers with Yoga background or interest not as a competiton though but as a discovery, together with a journey into the nectar of food, the second pillar of liveliness. Christopher will be providing specially prepared food along the RadicalBreathing. Without the proper nutrition ( in Sanskrit called Amrit) the body can not sustain the changes well. Our 2 postnatal forces are combined here!

health requierements: please, specify your issues and discuss with Manuela if there are any doubts.

breathing is healing, however, certain conditions of mental health might need special care.

the price is without accomodation or transport, however, there will be a transport option from Gozo harbour to the location

Villa Ambrosia,39
Triq Sptar
San Giljan

what to bring:

2 towels, one bedsheet, hoodie, slippers, casual jogging style wear, humour, swimming gear

The workshop location is in the heart of Gozo, all beaches are easily accessable for those who arrive early or want to stay longer. freediving centers are on Gozo, comino and Malta, scuba diving centers as well. The Villa Ambrosia provides a pool, terraces and ice bath options inside and outside the house. There are nice and comfortable  B and B‘s in the near neighbourhood.

The meals will be rich in Ghee Besides that the food is vegetarian with vegan options ( besides Ghee)

Plan: mornings start 9 am, lunch break of 2 hours, working till the sun sets and the moon shines.

Terms and Conditions

contact us for further information.


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