Pancha Karma

Pancha Karma is at the heart of Ayurveda. And over the years it has also become the centerpiece of the treatments in practice. We have treated over 700 participants successfully,  and we are all with great enthusiasm and joy here.
We are pleased to each time to improve our proven program of urban pancha karma.

Price: 580 eu ghee not included

The term Pancha Karma,  means five actions:
There are five forms of decontamination, which can be carried out in a therapeutic program:

  1. vamana
  2. virecana
  3. vasti
  4. nasya
  5. rakta mokshana

These include therapeutic vomiting, purging, Enema, Exit through the nose and the bleeding.

In the detox practice especially the basic constitution and the symptoms of disease play a role in the choice of therapeutic actions.

In general, therefore, we bring about especially the discharging through the intestines through herbs and through the skin by sweating. The nasal oils is particularly indicated for sinusitis or chronic colds and headaches.

We begin our treatment in practice with the phase of preparation. This may take up to a month in severe or Chronological human diseases. In people with a good constitution (agni) this preparatory phase may even completely disappear.

The actual Kurphase is then an average of 4 days. We begin with a fasting food to attune ourselves to the spa and the first dose of ghee is administered. Referred to as snehana as internal oiling.
The amount of ghee varies with digestion performance and can change every day.
People who already eat a lot of fat, often require a higher dose.
In general, we start with 40 ml The dose is then increased morning and evening.

Importantly, the dose must be above the digestible amount, to allow cleaning. Ghee is especially purified fat and has high reactivity. Like all fats, it can pass the blood-brain barrier and therefore exert its calming effect on the nervous system. Furthermore, it is rich in vitamin E as a free radical scavenger that in anti-aging treatments is estimated. It has a positive effect on the structure of cells and is an anti-oxidant nature. Above all, e has its high binding affinity and old grease removed from the cells. In particular, fat-soluble toxins and solvents are removed from the body, including in particular toxins from food and the environment, but also endogenous substances, as well as excess body fat.

The positive effect is long-lasting. Also, damage to joints, mucous membranes, restlessness, allergies and obesity are demonstrably reduced.

Through the cleansing and restorative effects of ghee also the fabric of fertility is improved, and we see our practice as a great success in having so many women with children helped only by the Pancha Karma. 

All other health problems and mental stresses are significantly improved, so our treatment program contributes to a large extent the success of our practice.

Implementation / process

Preparation phase (optional)

Day 1:
Examination: blood pressure
light food, first oiling
Admission to the program,
time for questions

Mantra: Gayatri

Om bhur bhuva svaha
Om did satur Varenyam bhargo
Deva sya Dhimahi
Diyo yo na pracodayat.

Day 2:
taken together or Ghee
First applications during the day It should now be working,
but not move much more.
steam bath etc
Evening meal

Day 3:
10 clock Ghee,
Evening meal

Day 4:
Ghee (if still necessary)
Final examination

Day 5:
Relaxed Day
light food

Day 6/7
Exit through the intestines

The following days / weeks
Up phase
Shirodhara Diet, lifestyle, meditation

Powder massage,
Oil Massage (Abhyanga),
Milk bag,
Ifrared Sauna,
experience Sand bag,
Head Massage,
Oil treatment for the eyes,
Nose oiling,
End oiling,
Ears oiling,
4 handed Abhyanga,
Yoga Pranayama,
and much more


During the cure:
Please carefully follow the rules, otherwise the success is at risk and may have side effects occur:

Shun-physical stress and exercise
Read-not emotionally disturbing things to see, do,
this includes: no sex!
-No daytime sleep
-No raw food
Take-back view of the other participants
Restrict-calls and only talk during the breaks
Avoid loud and much-speak
Intense Weather

Please bring:
2 towels (which you no longer need)
1 sheet
Slippers Socks
Hat or headscarf
1 cup / cup
comfortable cotton clothes, may get the oil stains
good humor and determination

leave at home: Phone, Doubt

For any questions, we are to help! We wish you all much success! Hari Om!
Please note: After the cure of the body is particularly sensitive and you have to have a little time to spare. It's all fine and clean and reacts a bit livelier, .. so how to put on a clean mirror sees the drops better, we must also exercise more care!

Lots of love,


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