Manuela Heider de Jahnsen

Manuela de Jahnsen Heider is the founder of the Society of Friends.

For more than 30 years, she has successfully treated as a medical practitioner patients around the world with acupuncture, nutritional counseling, yoga, ayurveda,  and various other western and eastern medicine practices.

Together with a team of qualified colleagues, as well as interdisciplinary connected with doctors of different specialties, guarantees their work to a high standard in the various fields of activity such as orthopedics, dance medicine, Yogic medicine, psychiatry, Fertility, Allergies and much more.

Biography (excerpt) :

Shiatsu in direct line from Wataru Ohashi since 1980,

TUI NA (Chinese chiropractic / osteopathy / manual therapy connection Arts) since 1989,

ACUPUNCTURE / Chinese medicine: Studies since 1980

Japanese Acupuncture since 1998
1994 -1996, stay in Vietnam (Hospital of Oriental Medicine / Professor Nguyen Thu and Thai Institute of Oriental Medicine / Professor Oang - Acupuncture / Tui Na clinic hospital in pediatrics and teaching

Minipunktur, own development, since 2000

FOOD Dietetics inter alia on the East-West Institute in 1982 in London with Michio and Aveline Kushi. Because the nutrition in the practice of Chinese medicine plays a prominent role, she furthered her studies in this field since 1996 and teaches Dietetics (freelance lecturer worldwide)

basic training in TIBETAN MEDICINE with Dr.Barry Clark extended her ideas for the insertion of food as medicine.

Ayurvedic cooking is in advising Yogapraktizierender focus.

our food choice has always consequences for our feelings, our resilience and for the realization of our dreams and tasks!

AYURVEDA: since 2000,
Master's degree at Middlesex University / Charité Berlin since 2008, herbology, massage, nutritional counseling.

YOGA: since 1976.
The goal remains Raja Yoga, but the daily practice of asanas enriched the lives deep and haunting. Many yoga teachers use the practice as a forum for exchange and, in their own injuries, for treatment.

YOGA THERAPY since 2000.
Based on the intensive study of the fundamental considerations of yogic asanas and philosophy.

Indian Studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin in 1991

since 2015 lecturer at the International Ayurveda Conference , Nadiad, Gujarat, India


Yoga Therapy Ayurvedic & Chinese Medicine