The so-called "Chinese dietetics" or the diet according to the five phases has become a popular alternative to other diet theories in recent years.

The focus of analysis is on the transformation of man through his Living and its constantly changing demands and needs.Food is seen as a cure.

Foods have effects on the people as a whole.You can stimulate or soothe, they can nourish or relieve. Food and dealing with them-can soothe, stimulate or encourage an aggressive mood the mind.
The diet is a bridge of perception to the seasons, their changes and their energies, such as wind, heat, dryness, humidity, cold.It connects us with these energies so that we can use them or for us in keeping our body in it is a contradiction to its surroundings, thus creating conflicts.Such conflicts occur such as. Allergies, ulcerative colitis, psoriasis, migraine, gout, and other diseases in appearance. But sleep and internal stresses may be favored by an inadequate diet. 

Single session costs: 90 eu


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