Spring Time Joy on GOZO!

Mar 13 - Mar 17 2023

We are offering our first  Pancha Karma on Gozo! 


Location: Gozo, Malta

Dates: 13.04.-17.04.2023


Price : 
Purva Karma and first consultation, zoom or in person: 120 eu
Pancha Karma: 3 full days 680 eu
for individual treatment extra days are per day 250 eu

(not included Ghee and oils or medications if there are special needs. Please, speak to the team!)

What is a Pancha Karma? 

Pancha Karma is retreat- like therapeutic lay out of classical Ayurveda medicine. 

Ayurveda is all about the agni, the digestive fire. Our modern busy life style, wrong food choice, stressful living conditions are leading to a depletion or a fire that burns too high. All metabolic processes are relying on the correct temperature to function optimal.  

If the digestive fire is disturbed, a product called ama is produced that blocks the free flow of substances in our body- and , in our mind. Chronic stress symptoms , pain, tiredness or sleeplessness are marking a way into often more concerning chronic diseases. 

Pancha means 5 and karma means action. These are a major treatment pillars , however not all 5 are always necessary.  

Enema, purgation, emesis, nose cleaning and blood -letting are the 5 crown jewels.  The first part is the activation of agni and eradicating impurity. This is called purva karma. All our patients are required to receive their individual application . a standard program you will find attached, but your therapist will be discussing all necessary adaptions with you in a private conversation. 

The second part is the Snehana phase. Oil and ghee will be used internally and externally to provoke your system. Nourishing oil massage, steam bath and sauna , powder  or brush massage are pleasant and regenerating. If this is completed, and the days can differ between each and every patient, the karma will be performed according to the main symptoms.  

Water or oil enemas create stability or lightness, bloodletting reduce stagnation in the cardio vascular system, inhalation, oleation of ears , nose and eyes might follow.  Stamps soaked in milk with herbs, lepas ( herbal applications) herbal drinks are given if required.

Do ‘ s and don’t s  

During the whole period you are advised to strictly follow all instructions to prevent unwanted side effects. Wanted side effects like lightness, happiness or an all over well being, weight loss and better sleep can only happen , if the patient is showing a constant compliance. 


What is the duration of the Pancha karma? 

Classical the pancha karma can last several weeks. Due to the ability, costs and needs in our day to day life, we designed a treatment that allows you to do the Purvas Karma or preparation at home under the close guidance of your therapist. Hereby you will be prescribed certain herbs to stimulate agni in detailed manner. You will be providing a picture of your tongue on a daily base and receive advice, comments or restriction and help. The Purva Karma is essential to start with Pancha Karma and should be completed before you start the Snehana, the oil phase. 

The Purva Karma can last up to 13 days and has very precise rules 

The Snehana phase will be between 3-6 days according to your problems. Usually we lead groups and advice a minimum of 4 days, better to arrive in advance and stay at least 2-3 days onwards if you have to travel to keep the treatments contained. As immediate travelling increases Vata it can cause discomfort, pain or headaches that are difficult to cure. This is also the case for interruptions during the Snehana phase. Keep all stress out of that time. This is for you. Just for you. We will help to hold that space for you. 

We provide 2 bedrooms for patients from abroad, very weak patients or patients with special needs. In the nearby neighbourhood you will also find affordable accommodations, however, reduce all travels or outdoor activity during the time of your Pancha Karma. The after care is about 6 weeks where we guide you through your newly awakened curiosity , stand by you if you feel you can ‘t do it or help with other problems that you want to discuss. For this period of time you wil be receiving dietary regualations and suggestions and herbal decoctions or churnas  (powdered herbs) advices. 

So Pancha karma is to be adapted to the individual needs , starting from sluggishness and lack of ambition to cancer and multiple sclerosis. For each individual need a personal treatment plan will designed by our leading therapist. 

What will I be eating during the treatment? 

You will be eating pranic rich , freshly prepared vegetarian food made by our own chefs. Respecting al the rules of the retreat. 


Heads of department: 
Manuela Heider de Jahnsen, MSc of Ayurveda  
Dr. Anastasia Shchedrina 

Andrew and Francesca as junior assistants
Mimi Heider de Jahnsen And others. 

the price is without accomodation or transport, however, there will be a transport option from Gozo harbour to the location.

Villa Ambrosia,39
Triq Sptar
San Giljan

Terms and Conditions

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