The power of forgiveness
and the poetry of backbends
Yoga Workshop with Surinder Singh

Jul 30 2018

Regular yoga practice and the process of self reflection can help you to learn forgiveness- towards yourself and others. You become your own therapist and learn to dissolve over time old residues of pain. The practice of forgiveness is an inner healing process. The result is deep inner peace and personal freedom.

You can explore and experience this in the theoretical part of the workshop as well as in the practice part which will focus on backbends. Practicing backbends is less about how far we can go into the backbends but about how much we are willing to open our heart. We practice on a physical, mental as well as emotional level. This is the gateway to the energy of your heart chakra, your emotions as well as your true inner nature.

This workshop can support you in starting an inner healing process if you have an unresolved conflict with somebody or your are not able to forgive yourself for something in your life.

Location: Studio Puls Berlin

Möckernstraße 111, 10963 Berlin

Telephone: +49 (0)30 21806788

Sign-Up: Petra Martin/ Mail:

Price: 45,- € 

80,- € for both workshops with Surinder Singh on July 30th and 31st, 2018

Instructor: Surinder Singh, Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer from Rishikesh, India

Surinder Singh is one of the most popular yoga teacher in the Himalayas and entire Northern India. He teaches hatha yoga– a combination of asana, pranayama and meditation– in the atmosphere of cordiality and support.
Surinder Singh teaches open classes and workshops on asana alignment and adjustment, and tunes his students into the "real yoga" – yoga of Compassion and Action.
He has developed an International Yoga Alliance (IYA) recognised 200 Hour Teacher Training Programme, which he offers in his centre Swasti Yoga Shala, which opened in 2012.

Surinder regularly gets invited to give workshops in China, Russia, Germany, Spain, Japan, Austria and South America.

His hatha yoga classes in his own school, Swasti Yoga Shala, are one of the most sought after in Rishikesh. Students travel from every continent year after year to take part, so don´t miss this very special opportunity to study with Surinder Singh at Puls Yoga this summer. 
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