May 19 - May 21 2017

 The Infertility Cure 

A three day certified workshop for acupuncturists, physicians and naturopaths.

In growing numbers infertility affects the future dreams of individuals all over the world.

While infertility was an unspoken and sadly accepted issue over decades there are now options to overcome it successfully. Yet the growing fertility industry can only help so much and is carefully selecting the patients before the treatment proudly presenting results that leave out a great number of now hopeless women. For men there is just no treatment available at all. This means that more than 80 percent of the needy patients seeking help are not even registered to any programme.

The side effects of the commonly accepted hormonal fertilisation programmes for women are not acceptable as they stand alone:

Increased risk of developing breast cancer


Anxiety syndrome


We will introduce you to the option of what natural support and therapy can provide. Nature and the balancing of one’s own energies working together can create stunning results.

When we guide the patient to the oriental way with herbs, acupuncture and specific yoga programmes and treat with nature we see side effects that the woman will embrace:

Increase of general health

Positive thinking

Increase of physical beauty

Long term detox

Rejuvenation of body and mind

Increase of egg cells

Increase of AM Hormone

Decrease of FS Hormone

Regulating the menstrual cycle

Preparing breast milk

And all other fundamental sources to receive a happy healthy child

Yet 50 % of the infertility cases are caused by men. This is due to environmental pollution, lifestyle and other stress factors that the man cannot control which hinders his ability to create a family. With nutrition and lifestyle changes plus rejuvenating herbs and acupuncture formulas we can now improve his health in general as well as the specific fractions of the sperm count.

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Dr. Manuela Heider de Jahnsen has been doing research, lectures and successfully practicing in infertility treatment internationally for more than 15 years. She is the author of various papers and publications, including: The Infertility Cure, published by The First International Conference of Trimarma, Nadiad, Gujarat, India, 2016


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