PANCHA KARMA, Spring rejunivation

Mar 22 - Mar 25 2016

Springtime is ahead and we love to cleanse your body and strengthen your mind in this change time of the year!!! we will support you with our welcoming and beneficial Pancha Karma Treatment days .

4 days of excellent ancient traditional therapies of AYURVEDA, the best ayurvedic food in town by ROLLING TIGER/JULIA, of YOGA and PRANAYAMA . Manuela and Katie, Nadja and many more friends from the team will be there to look after you and make you feel what you are: a wonderful being! please,register early, because the preparation will need a couple of days (minimum 15 days) in advance, according to your poblems or previous lifestyle. have a look at our homepage or text us: 0049. GIFTVOUCHERS AVAILABLE! Seeing you soon! Manuela and team

you will receive prep wih pippali after a general check up, ghee drinking according to your symptoms, massages, steam bath, oleation, infra red light sauna, yoga and pranayama for 4 days including the very best ayurvedic cuisine in town by rolling tiger! join us and enjoy us!

for more information, please, check the PANCHA KARMA page


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