After a wonderful Summer where we indulged in all kind of social happy life, nature and abundant light the winter feels grim.

The light has faded and left shadows on the wall, the hours of daily sunshine often are just a splash of lighter grey
Yet not all the emotions we experience which are not sheer happiness are a depression. When we look closer into it it might be just a feeling of retiring, of moving into stillness, a withdrawal. Sadness is an important emotion. The more we neglect it, push it away or try to escape it with activities the more we will have to face it at some point... winter is the turning point.

So we should embrace sadness as we embrace happiness. Sadness is different from depression. Depression does not always keep sadness, it can be an immediate grip around the heart that takes away the will to live. Here quick help is needed.

So if sadness is your company now give it time. Give yourself time to explore it.

It is important that you get enough sleep and rest, that you allow your body to dive into its winter mode of slowing down.
But keep a routine so you can be aware if the sadness turns into a real depression.

There are powerful ayurvedic herbs that make your body and mind stronger and fuel you with more energy.

Ashwagandha is the most commonly used herb to give you inner strength as well as outer. It boosts your immunity as much as it can reduce your stress level. It helps you to focus. It helps you to sleep. To concentrate.
As for all herbs seek the advice of a knowledgeable person to use it according to your type and needs. Don t waste it!

Brahmi is the second lovely herb that can become a friend in long cold winter days as it helps you to feel balanced. It leads you easily into a meditative mood and creates a feeling of satisfaction with what surrounds you

The third advice is creativity. It is easier to grind herbs also then to be creative when you can't see the light. Start a journal with how you feel, what you see, what you miss.. or paint, do handicrafts that keep you focused. As if we explore emotions and we allow ourselves to enter deeper into the realm of our mind, we find that in every emotion, in its very center, there is a wonderful peaceful place.

Don't be afraid. Join in.


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